Month: April 2021

The Different Stages Of A Landscaping Project

The first step is, of course, a  physical meeting with the client. The landscaper will seek to know his precise expectations within the framework of the project: private garden within the framework of an acquisition, business yard to develop, creation of a swimming pool … Each project is different.

The personality of the client, and the knowledge of his way of life, will be at the heart of the landscaper’s inspiration, and that is why it is important to meet.

Then, the professional will prepare a preliminary draft. Depending on his work habits and his sensitivity, it can be a color drawing or a 2D or 3D computer proof on design software.

This step makes it possible to appreciate the volumes and perspectives and to highlight the different scales so that the client gets a precise idea of ​​the final rendering.

This will then make it possible to inventory the exact quantity of plants needed, category by category.

This is also the time to report any requests for readjustments, if necessary.

After this step, the designer will be able to establish a complete and precise estimate for his client.

The phase of building the garden then begins, often with the choice of plants. It is an important moment for any landscaper who wishes for his client a qualitative and lasting result.

Concerning the actual realization:

  • Either the landscaper has his own landscaping company and will be able to offer you full support for your project,
  • Or he will be specialized in the design of garden studies, and in this case, another company will take care of the realization.

In practice, landscape designers often advise trusted planners with whom they are used to working.

Delivery to the customer is the last stage of the site, before which the landscaper often makes small readjustments in size or in the layouts.

This is the moment when the customer will pay the balance of the site and will begin to enjoy his garden.

What budget for your landscaping project?

It is difficult to give an absolute rule on the cost of a landscaping project, as the projects are different from one client to another.

Of course, your project will be subject to great variations according to the following criteria:

  • The surface of the terrace or the garden (especially on the realization part, because the design is often invoiced in the form of a fixed price),
  • The type, the age and  size of the plantsthat you will be planting: your garden will look more quickly with mature plants, but their development and their transport logistics will involve related costs,
  • The existence of  substantial development work (earthworks, creation of a swimming pool, shelters, etc.),
  • Ancillary services and finishes (programmable sprinkler system, quality of garden lighting and furniture),
  • The experience and reputation of the landscaper, the chosen landscape architect or designer.